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Have you ever been accused of a crime that you didn't commit? I have, and it wasn't fun. About three years ago I was at work when the police swarmed in and took me into custody. They told me that I was being accused of a serious crime, and I was really frustrated with how I was being treated. I knew that I needed to stand up for my rights, so I talked with my family and secured a criminal attorney. She helped me to prove my side of the story and be vindicated for the charges, and I was really pleased with the help I received.


Essential Evidence to Defend Yourself Against a Drug Charge

1 August 2023
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Navigating the complex world of criminal law can be intimidating, particularly when faced with serious drug charges. However, understanding the types of evidence that can help in your defense can significantly enhance your chances of a favorable outcome. This blog post will delve into the essential evidence you'll need to mount a robust defense against a drug charge. 1. Unlawful Search and Seizure The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. Read More …

6 Steps To Follow For Driver’s License Reinstatement After Suspension

21 April 2023
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Losing your driver's license is a highly frustrating experience. However, it's not the end of the road. You can reinstate your driver's license with proper steps and patience. Fortunately, this guide will outline the steps you need to take and provide suggestions to help you with reinstatement after suspension. Know the reason for your suspension The first step in reinstating your driver's license is to know why your license was suspended in the first place. Read More …

Grounds To Search: What To Know

6 January 2023
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If you have been arrested because of something found during a search by law enforcement, you might wonder if the search was legal. Law enforcement has the right to search private property if they deem it necessary. Read on to find out more about the grounds to search private property. Search Warrants and Warrantless Searches A search warrant gives law enforcement the right to perform a search of a designated area. Read More …