Roommate Just Get a DUI? 3 Ways to Help Them Get Their Life Straight

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Roommate Just Get a DUI? 3 Ways to Help Them Get Their Life Straight

14 August 2017
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You've been best buddies with your roommate since elementary school, and you now have a chance to enjoy a new phase in your relationship as you live together and attend college. Unfortunately, your most responsible friend made a major mistake when they thought they were sober enough to drive home this weekend, and got a DUI in your city. While you can't erase the past, you can help your friend to overcome this roadblock in their life, so it doesn't affect their future.

Insist They Get Legal Representation

A DUI carries serious penalties. It is possible that your friend already spent a little time in jail, and they could face additional penalties, such as losing their license or having to pay heavy fines. While it may seem easier for them to represent themselves in court, the truth is that a lawyer is essential for defending this type of charge. For instance, your friend's lawyer may be able to identify details from the night of the DUI that can be used in their defense. These details are ones your friend might not have noticed, such as a mistake made by the police officer at any point during the traffic stop.

Help Them Rebuild Their Reputation

The ramifications of this type of charge can affect your friend's future employment opportunities, as well as their social standing. Start by supporting your friend emotionally as they work through the process of defending the charge through the legal system. As they wait for their court date, you can also help them demonstrate responsibility by cleaning up their social media profiles, so any references to partying or drinking are gone.

Create a Plan to Prevent a Second Offense

For a first-time DUI, your friend may have penalties put in place after their hearing, such as doing community service or attending alcohol awareness classes. Make sure that they have transportation to these types of events, so they stay in compliance with the judgment. Then help them prevent a second or third offense by creating a plan that ensures they always know at least three people to call for a ride before they go out.

Drinking and driving obviously do not mix, but it is also common for people to make mistakes in judging their sobriety. It is equally possible that a mistake was made at some point during the traffic stop or alcohol testing, which led to false charges. Either way, your friend needs your support, and helping them out during this time is exactly what they would do for you.

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