Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You With A DUI Even When Your Guilty

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Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You With A DUI Even When Your Guilty

28 August 2017
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After being arrested for driving under the influence and realizing you're guilty, you may think about not bothering hiring an attorney. You may think it is just easier to plead guilty and take your punishment. However, the consequences of doing this may be much greater than you anticipate. The following are three ways an attorney can help you, even when you think it is a simple matter of your guilt.

An attorney may be able to save your driving privileges

It is possible in certain jurisdictions that you can lose your driver's license after a DUI, even if this is your first offense. However, there are sometimes alternatives in sentencing that will allow you to keep your license. Often, this is the case is you need to drive your car in order to get to work and other means of transportation are not available. One alternative to losing your driver's license is installing a device that can be hooked up to your car's ignition that requires you to blow into a mouthpiece. The car will not start if you have been drinking.

An attorney may be able to prevent a jail sentence

Under certain circumstances, some state laws require mandatory jail sentences, but just because your situation doesn't necessitate jail time doesn't mean you will escape a jail sentence. There is wide discretion given to judges in a DUI case. With many states cracking down on drunk driving, a person entering a guilty verdict can end up in jail, even for a first time offense. But a DUI attorney will know the subtle aspects of the law and be able to increase your chances of receiving the best possible sentence given your circumstances.

An attorney can fight for lesser charges

Some of the facts in your case may be weak or inconclusive. After looking at all of the evidence against you, it may be possible to negotiate a lesser offense. This is often the case when much of the evidence was subjective, such as a field sobriety test. A lawyer may be able to negotiate for a reduced charge, such as reckless driving. Barring this, it will be the district attorney who will be taking a chance at trial to prove a greater charge with weak evidence.

Just because you feel guilty about driving under the influence does not mean you should skip legal council and plead guilty. Although it is possible that an attorney can get the charges dropped or even win your case at trial, there are many things an attorney can do, short of this. After your arrest, do not admit guilt, remember your right to remain silent, and always speak to a lawyer. DUI attorneys, such as those at Pollack & Ball LLC, can likely help you in ways you don't realize.