Has Your Spouse Abused You? 3 Things You Can Do to Help Win Your Domestic Violence Case

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Has Your Spouse Abused You? 3 Things You Can Do to Help Win Your Domestic Violence Case

17 March 2022
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Being hurt by your spouse or intimate partner is one of the most traumatizing or confusing experiences in life. Domestic violence is all about control and power, and most spouses often experience it. This form of violence can be verbal, emotional, economic, physical, or sexual. Cultural beliefs that make one gender more dominant could also cause domestic violence. While some people quit marriage when their relationship becomes violent or abusive, others don't. However, a domestic violence victim should take legal action against the abuser. And since domestic violence cases are never easy to handle, here's what you can do to win the case.

Seek Help from the Police

Your spouse will continually abuse you if you don't take any action against them. Calling the police can help the situation because they will force the violent spouse to stop their awkward behavior. If you can't be able to contact the police while in the middle of an attack, you can rush to the police station when the abuser leaves. Unfortunately, most domestic violence victims don't report the abusers to the police, while others later recant their statements. However, you should let the police help you take a legal approach or file a lawsuit against the abuser, mainly when children are involved.

Hire a Competent Criminal Lawyer

It's good to hire a seasoned criminal lawyer to help you because the abuser will also likely hire one to defend them. Domestic violence is usually a serious criminal offense, so most abusers do all they can to avoid a domestic violence case. And although the abuser might try to silence you, you should stand your ground and let a criminal lawyer guide you throughout the process. The lawyer will seek a protective order or restraining order on your behalf. Most restraining orders prohibit the abuser from accessing you and your children or even contacting you. The lawyer ensures you fill in the protective order forms correctly and submit them in court in good time.

Be Prepared to Testify

You may need to testify to make the criminal charges against the abuser more viable. However, proper emotional preparation is necessary to ensure you don't complicate the case, perhaps through falsehood or confusion. Remember that you will face the abuser in court, and their attorney might also cross-examine you. This might make you feel a bit nervous, but you should be ready to speak your mind and explain everything before the jury. Don't apologize for anything unless your lawyer instructs you to do so or hesitate to say what you should say. Also, ask for a 10-minute break if you need to reorganize yourself.

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