Consequences Of Non-Violent Drug Offenses And How An Attorney Can Help You

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Consequences Of Non-Violent Drug Offenses And How An Attorney Can Help You

13 October 2022
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Suspects found to pose a threat or risk to public safety usually get harsh punishments when they appear in court for drug crimes. This category includes those found possessing, consuming, distributing, and selling illegal drugs. However, the judge can also hand down severe punishments to offenders who don't threaten the community. Accordingly, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to defend you even when facing non-violent charges. Since they understand the nuances of the legal system, they will ascertain what arguments to raise when you're potentially facing the consequences discussed below:

Repercussions of a Non-Violent Drug Offense 

Drug possession or consumption can get you a punishment similar to what you would get if you were a drug dealer. This may be the case if the prosecuting attorney brings additional charges against you. For instance, you might get a longer jail sentence or hefty penalties if the prosecutor also charges you with violence. However, you can still get a lenient judgment when facing two or more charges simultaneously. This possibility is higher if you enlist the services of a legal advisor immediately after the police arrest you. When you do so, the legal practitioner will gather evidence and prepare a comprehensive defense before your case commences.

Fighting the Charges With the Help of an Attorney

The police may question you after they arrest you for a non-violent drug offense. Having your lawyer by your side is always advisable when answering questions. This way, you can avoid incriminating yourself and, consequently, getting a harsher judgment. Your attorney will guide you on how to communicate, what details to provide, and where you need to remain silent so that you don't complicate your case. They will then work to negotiate for your release before you're needed to appear in court. Under the advice of your attorney, it is important to cooperate with the authorities as they apprehend you. Your lawyer will have an easier time negotiating a release or a reduction of your sentence if you are not violent during and after your arrest.

Unfortunately, the prosecuting officer may decline a plea bargain if they have strong evidence to prosecute your case. If this happens, your legal advisor needs to gather additional proof to strengthen your defense. They will then represent you in court and argue before the judge to drop the charges or reduce your judgment.

Drug charges can make you face severe consequences even if the police are unable to prove that you're a threat to the community. For this reason, you might consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend you against your charges. They will prepare and present a strong defense to help in your case.

For more information about what a criminal defense attorney can do, check it out by contacting a lawyer near you.