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Have you ever been accused of a crime that you didn't commit? I have, and it wasn't fun. About three years ago I was at work when the police swarmed in and took me into custody. They told me that I was being accused of a serious crime, and I was really frustrated with how I was being treated. I knew that I needed to stand up for my rights, so I talked with my family and secured a criminal attorney. She helped me to prove my side of the story and be vindicated for the charges, and I was really pleased with the help I received.


After A DUI: What Are Your Alternatives?

23 November 2018
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If you've been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), some important decisions are in your future. Once you've been released from jail, speak with a criminal law attorney and evaluate their advice carefully. In the meantime, consider these three options for dealing with the DUI charges below. 1. Fighting the Charge When it comes to fighting the DUI charges, a lot rides on the evidence. You will likely be going up against the state's prime piece of evidence, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results, if you take your case to trial. Read More …

DUI Plea Bargain Tips

24 September 2018
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You don't have to go to trial if you have been charged with DUI (driving under the influence). Just like those charged with other criminal charges, you can negotiate with the prosecutor for a pre-trial determination of your case where you plead guilty to certain charges and accept lesser penalties. This is called plea bargaining, and here are a few criminal defense law tips to help you get it right: Read More …

Before Bailing Out A Relative: What To Consider

22 August 2018
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Wanting to step in with financial assistance in the form of bail after someone's arrest is, for many, a natural response if they love that person. You may be thinking about their safety to the exclusion of everything else; their freedom at this time could be paramount. However, these particular bail bonding considerations demand attention. 1-Knowing Your Relative Love, concern, and all the emotions that prompt you to bail out the relative in trouble could cloud your judgment. Read More …

Factors Determining Statute Of Limitations For Crimes

3 August 2018
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If the government suspect you of committing a crime, then it has a limited period within which it has the legal authority to formally accuse you and prosecute you for the crime (with expectations). This period is known as the statute of limitations, and it varies depending on the: The Age of the Victim of Your Alleged Act Children belong to the group of vulnerable members of the society, which means they are easy targets for criminals. Read More …

Three Things You Should Know About School Zone DUIs

4 June 2018
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Not all DUI (driving under the influence) crimes are created the same; some are more serious than others and some attract even further charges. It all depends on the circumstances of the alleged crime and the laws of the jurisdiction. For example, driving while intoxicated in a designated school zone is likely to earn the perpetrator a school zone DUI. Here are three things you should know about school zone DUIs: Read More …