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Have you ever been accused of a crime that you didn't commit? I have, and it wasn't fun. About three years ago I was at work when the police swarmed in and took me into custody. They told me that I was being accused of a serious crime, and I was really frustrated with how I was being treated. I knew that I needed to stand up for my rights, so I talked with my family and secured a criminal attorney. She helped me to prove my side of the story and be vindicated for the charges, and I was really pleased with the help I received.


Why Some People Get Drunk More Easily Than Others

29 August 2017
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You should never assume you are sober and get behind the wheel just because another person who partook of the same amount of alcohol as you seems sober and can drive. For one, you shouldn't make a mistake just because someone else is also making it. Secondly, people get drunk at different rates; for example, you may get drunker faster than your buddy because: You Drunk While Dehydrated Dehydration makes you drunker than you are because it increases your blood alcohol content (BAC). Read More …

Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You With A DUI Even When Your Guilty

28 August 2017
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After being arrested for driving under the influence and realizing you're guilty, you may think about not bothering hiring an attorney. You may think it is just easier to plead guilty and take your punishment. However, the consequences of doing this may be much greater than you anticipate. The following are three ways an attorney can help you, even when you think it is a simple matter of your guilt. Read More …

When You Are Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

24 August 2017
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Domestic violence charges are extremely serious, and if you have been arrested for this crime you should not waste any time before getting some competent professional legal advice. Unfairly or not, law enforcement may view the alleged victim of this abuse with more sympathy than is warranted in all cases. One thing is almost certain, when the police are called to a domestic situation, someone is very likely to be arrested. Read More …

Keeping Your Personal Injury Claim Out Of The Courtroom

22 August 2017
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When you get injured because of another person's negligence or carelessness, your first inclination may be to file suit against the wrongdoer. Taking cases to court, however, is a time-consuming, expensive and stress-producing process and there are alternatives that could produce faster and easier results for you. Read on to learn more about two of these court alternatives: Make a Demand and Settle for More Since you want to avoid trial, you might also expect that the other side wants to avoid it as well. Read More …

3 Questions To Ask An Attorney About The Impact Of A DUI On Your Underage Son Or Daughter’s Future

22 August 2017
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If you've recently gotten the call from your son or daughter that no parent wants to hear, advising you of their DUI arrest, you're probably concerned about what to expect next. While a DUI is always a serious offense, it can even more so for drivers who aren't old enough to purchase alcohol. In addition, a criminal conviction might impact their admission to some colleges and could prevent your son or daughter from leaving the state to go to school when they are accepted. Read More …